Why Wax?

There are a number of benefits to waxing as opposed to shaving!   Your hair will grow back thinner and softer and waxing exfoliates your skin making it feel smooth and vibrant.  By removing the hair from the root, results last much longer – up to 4 weeks!

Explore the advantages of waxing today!

Preparing for Your Wax

Stop shaving 2-3 weeks prior to your treatment.  A minimum of 9 days growth is acceptable, but for the best results, 3 weeks growth or more is recommended.

The day before or morning of your appointment, when you shower, its best to use a scrub in a circular motion to remove any dead skin. This will also cleanse and loosen the hairs for better hair removal during your wax service.  Before you come in to the studio some clients prefer to take an anti-inflammatory such as Advil or Ibuprofen.  Try to avoid a lot of caffeine as it is a stimulant and can add to feeling discomfort during your treatment.

Yes you can still keep your wax appointment.  Simply put in a fresh tampon before you arrive. You may be a bit more sensitive during the treatment.  We will work on scheduling your next wax between your cycles.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out paperwork to help us learn more about you to give you the best wax service.

From the minute you walk in the door at Finger Lakes Wax Studio,  we take pride in making you feel at home and confident, knowing your waxologist will give you the very best wax service! The wax we use is like no other.  It is the finest hard blue wax, imported from Spain. Our wax is applied to directly to the skin, and will not stick your skin after its dried.   Instead, our wax wraps around the hair so when its removed, only the hair is pulled out as opposed to strip wax which pulls both the hair and your skin.  Our hard wax will make your wax experience amazing!

At Finger Lakes Wax Studio, we practice the strictest rules of hygiene to ensure your safety and make your experience a positive one.  For example, at FLX we never double dip!

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be removing your unwanted hair from the root, so yes you will feel it.  The first treatment is the most uncomfortable, especially if you are a shaver, as your hair shaft is 3 times the thickness compared to a non shaver – its like having 3 hairs in one follicle.  Our wax doesn’t stick to your skin, it only wraps around the hair, so our treatments are not as painful as treatments with strip wax.  Avoid consuming too much alcohol or caffeine the day before or the day of your appointment as these can make you more sensitive.

Drink lots of water.  Staying hydrated from the inside out, along with scrubs and moisturizers, is so important to maintain the integrity of the skin.  This is crucial to getting great wax results.  Well hydrated hair is less likely to break during your wax which can result in seeing hair growth return sooner.  Using a scrub in a circular motion stimulates the skin, increases circulation, and helps maintain your skin’s integrity which will help reduce ingrown hairs and ensure you have the best experience possible!

Waxing can begin any time unwanted hair growth begins.  Younger clients may want to remove unwanted hair from the legs or the bridge of the nose.  Waxing is completely safe and can be done at any age.

Yes! Many women get waxed through their whole pregnancy. We have had many women wax right up till the day before they deliver. It’s best to start in the beginning of your pregnancy, because when you reach your final trimester, it can be difficult to lay on your back for longer times. If you wax on a monthly basis, you’ll be a “seasoned waxer” by the time you reach your third trimester and your wax appointment will go much quicker. If you need extra time, a break or to reposition yourself on the table to feel comfortable we will accommodate you in every way possible. As with anything, we recommend checking with your doctor before getting a wax treatment.

CAN I GET WAXED WHEN ON MY PERIOD? Yes. Simply put a fresh tampon in before your wax appointment. You may be a bit more sensitive so taking a couple of tablets that you normally would take for a headache, about 25 minutes prior to your wax can help also. IS WAXING FOR MEN TOO? Of course!  We have many male clients looking to remove unwanted hair.  We offer a full menu of treatments for our male clients.  Our professional waxologists are trained and experienced in dealing with some of the more delicate male body parts.  Our hard wax, imported from Spain, doesn’t stick to the skin when dry and only removes the unwanted hair! HOW LONG WILL MY TREATMENT TAKE? Wax procedure times vary. We do out best to be as efficient as possible, but there are a number of factors that affect the length of a treatment, such as the client’s history with shaving or the type of hair they have. At Finger Lakes Wax Studio we treat each person’s individual needs. If you are new to waxing we want to make sure you are completely comfortable, so we go at your pace. We want you to return, and continue waxing, and we believe that quality is more important that quantity. HOW LONG DOES MY HAIR NEED TO BE BEFORE I WAX? If you’ve been shaving, it is best to have 2-3 weeks of growth but, we can wax you with a minimum of 9 days. The longer the hair is at the time of treatment, the longer your wax results will remain after treatment. CAN I PAY WITH A CREDIT CARD? Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also accept cash or checks. There is a $35 fee for returned checks. Cash tips are appreciated, but can be put on the card if needed.  We are now accepting CASH TIPS OR VENMO ONLY.