Hi, my name is Deb and my husband James and I started our wax business around 5 years ago.  This is our story.

I have been a licensed cosmetologist for 45 years. And James has been a corporate jet mechanic for 40 years.  6 years ago my sister who lives in south Florida and owns a wax studio, began flying to the Finger Lakes every 6-8 weeks.  She would set up a room at our home with a wax table, wax pot, along with some sticks, and put an ad on craigslist offering body wax services.  People started responding to her ad from everywhere, and she was having great success!

After a year and a half of flying back and forth, my sister suggested I open a wax studio up here myself.  She trained me in waxing, and I we were off and running!  It was difficult at first, but I continued my training and education, and I was quickly learning.  Our business was growing!

In 2014 James got his waxing license and our daughter Heidi left her job as a pastry chef to join the family business.  Our first location in Geneva did extremely well for 5 years before we chose to move our business to Canandaigua.

At Finger Lakes Wax Studio we are best known as “the home of the Brazilian wax for men and women.”  We strive to provide our clients with the best waxing services available.  We stay current on the most modern waxing practices and constantly refine our craft.  Our studio is calm and peaceful, and our goal is to make your waxing experience as pleasant as possible.

I truly love my job and have made great friends getting to know so many wonderful men and women!