A healthier way to remove unwanted hair.

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Lose the Razor for Good!

Aside from looking and feeling amazing, waxing offers a number of health benefits over shaving.  We offer a full range of waxing services for men and women at affordable pricing.  Our waxologists are professionally trained, so you can be sure your experience with us will be as smooth as your skin!

Youth Program

Parents have the important job of teaching their children the importance of personal hygiene, and hair removal needs to be part of the conversation! Shaving can be a health risk – taking off layers of skin, allowing bacteria a fresh place to breed along with creating ingrown hairs that can lead to bigger problems and infections.

Introducing Finger Lakes Wax Studio’s Youth Program!  Kids 15 years and younger that have never shaved receive any wax service for HALF PRICE!

Our passion is to educate the parents in our community about the benefits of waxing to remove unwanted hair and provide a quality affordable service for their youth.